Sending an Email Invite

An email invite will include the name, time, location, and event description, along with a link to the event page.

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Step 1: After creating your event, select ‘Email Invite’ when you reach the Invitations page.

Step 2: Customize your email invitation subject line and message.

Step 3: Select guests to invite from a Contact List, or upload a CSV with email addresses.

You also add individual email addresses by typing them in the search bar:

You'll see your invited guests in the Selected tab. If you're adding guests after you've already launched your event, guests who have already responded to the invite will be shown in the RSVP'd tab.

When you’re ready, select Next to confirm your event details and launch your event. Your email invites will be sent when your event is launched!

Guests will receive an email with a link to RSVP to the event. When they select ‘RSVP’ in the email, they will automatically be added to the Guest List as "attending".

Note: The RSVP button in the email invitation leads to the event page. If your event privacy is set to ‘Private’, your guests will need to have a Five to Nine account to view the event page.

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