Sending Calendar invitations
Send a Google or Outlook Calendar invite to your guests so they can respond right within their email.
Written by Farrin Adams
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Step 1: Select ‘Calendar Invite’ when you reach the Invitations page.

Step 2: Select which calendar you’d like to use. You can send invites via your personal calendar (default), or select a shared calendar to edit.

Step 3: Filter by contact list, or upload a CSV to select which guests you’d like to invite to the event.

  • The guests you add will appear in the "Selected" tab

Step 4: Determine if you’d like to notify guests with an email by navigating to "Notification Details"

  • Only add to Calendar: this will only add the event to your guests’ calendars, without sending them an email notification. Your guests can still RSVP via Google Calendar. (Google Calendar only)

  • Notify my guests and add it to the calendar: this will add your event to your guests’ calendars and send them an email invitation. (Google and Outlook Calendar)

When you’re ready, select Next to confirm your event details and launch your event. Your invites will be sent when your event is launched!

Guests will be added to a Calendar invite on either Google or Outlook Calendar. When guests respond via Calendar, their responses are synced to Five to Nine, and you can see invite responses in your Guest List.

Updating your Calendar event

When you update the details of your event, save your changes on Five to Nine and the Google or Outlook Calendar event will be updated. Your guests will not receive an email notification.

Deleting your Calendar invite

On the Guest List page of your event, select your calendar in the Invite History side panel. If you sent the invite on your calendar, the calendar will appear under ‘Primary Calendar’. Shared calendar invites will be displayed under ‘Shared Calendar’.

This will delete the Google or Outlook calendar event. Guests will not receive an email notification, and will no longer have the event on their calendar.

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