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Tracking Attendance via Zoom & Google Meet
Tracking Attendance via Zoom & Google Meet

Five to Nine allows you to import your event’s attendance information from Zoom and Google Meet to automate your attendance tracking.

Written by Mujgan Ozceylan
Updated over a week ago

Track your attendance in a Zoom meeting

Step 1: Before creating an event, enable the Zoom integration in your profile settings.

Step 2: When creating an event, check the ‘Add a Zoom link to this event’ box.

  • This will automatically populate the virtual event link field with a generated Zoom link attached to your Zoom account.

  • If you are adding a Google or Outlook calendar invite to your event, the Zoom link will be included in the ‘Location’ field of the calendar event.

Step 3: After the event is over, navigate to your guest list. Guests who attended the Zoom event will be marked as ‘Attended’.

Track attendance via Google Meet

Five to Nine allows you to import your Google Meet attendance into Five to Nine. If you’d like to enable Google Meet attendance tracking, reach out to Customer Success.

Step 1: After an event on Google Meet ends, the organizer will receive an email with an attached Google Sheets attendance report with the following info:

  • Participant’s name

  • Participant’s email

  • Length of time participant was on a call, including timestamps of when they first joined and when they left the call.

Read more about setting up Google Meet attendance tracking reports.

Step 2: While in your event, navigate to the Guest List tab. Near the bottom right-hand corner, you’ll see an option to upload a CSV of your Google Meet attendance.

Step 3: You’ll then be prompted to upload the CSV sent to you via Google Meet. You can also download a sample formatted CSV.

Step 4: Once you Add CSV, your attendees will be uploaded to your event guest list and marked as "Attended".

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