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Sending invites via Slack
Sending invites via Slack

Send an event invite to a Slack channel so your guests can RSVP via Slack.

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Step 1: Select ‘Slack Invite’ when you reach the Invitations page after creating your event.

Step 2: Select a public Slack channel, or send your invite to contacts via Slack DM.

Customize your message to include in the Slack invite. You can also add a calendar invite.

When you’re ready, select Next to confirm your event details and launch your event. Your Slack invites will be sent when your event is launched!

Your guests will receive an invite and can RSVP within Slack. The Slack invite will come via the FiveToNine Slackbot. When a guest RSVPs via Slack, their response will be reflected in the Guest List in Five To Nine.

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