Slack Integration
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The Five to Nine Slack integration allows you to send event invitations and pre-event surveys via public and private Slack channels, as well as individual Slack DMs - so your event attendees can respond seamlessly within the Slack app.

Note: You must be an Admin on Five to Nine and your organization’s Slack to set up Slack.

Setting up Slack

Step 1: Navigate to Settings and the Integrations tab. Select ‘Set Up Slack’

Step 2: Enter your Slack workspace URL to sign into Slack

Step 3: Sign in to your Slack account.

Step 4: Grant the FiveToNine App permission to access your Slack organization.

Make sure to enter a channel to allow the FiveToNine App to post in. When using the Slack feature on Five to Nine, you can always select another channel to post in later. You must have write access to a channel in order for you to use the FiveToNine App.

Important note: The channel you’re connecting with must be a public channel on Slack! We recommend setting up the Slack channel before creating the integration.

Full Permissions


Your Slack App is now set up!

Event organizers should now be able to send event invites via Slack.

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