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Google Groups Integration
Google Groups Integration
Updated over a week ago

The Five to Nine Google Groups integration allows you to sync Google Groups as Contact Lists on Five to Nine, so you can send invites to your contacts with one click.

Setting up Google Groups for your organization on Five to Nine

Step 1: Navigate to Settings and to the Integrations tab.

Step 2: Select “Set Google Groups”. This integration syncs Google Groups that you have read/write access to on Google.

Step 3: Sign in to Google and grant Group permissions.

Step 4: Select which Google Group(s) you’d like to add to Five to Nine.

The selected Google Groups will be turned into Contact Lists – viewable under Home → Groups → Contact List. Contact Lists tied to a Google Group are NOT editable through the Five To Nine and will be synced once every 24 hours.

Removing Google Groups from Five to Nine

Once your Google Groups have been synced, select the ‘Edit’ icon in the Google Groups tile to see your Google Groups. In the side pane, you can remove any Google Group that has been synced with the platform.

Note: If you’ve already invited or added a Google Group to an event or group, those contacts will not be removed from the event or group.

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