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Syncing Slack channels to Five to Nine
Syncing Slack channels to Five to Nine

Sync public and private Slack channels to send event invites.

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Why sync Slack channels to Five to Nine?

By synchronizing Slack channels with Five to Nine, these channels become accessible within the platform for guest communications such as invitations, messages, and surveys. Slack channels synced to Five to Nine can also be used to create “Slack synced groups” on the platform. Members of “Slack synced groups” are always kept up to date with members within the existing Slack channel it is synced to so group member management requires little to no effort on behalf of organizers.

How can I sync Slack channels to Five to Nine?

There are two ways to connect Slack channels to Five to Nine: The easiest way is by adding the Slack app directly to your desired Slack channel. Additionally, if you are an admin and only wish to sync public channels, you can do so by managing your Slack integration via your organization's settings (by clicking on the gear icon/"Settings" on the side navigation bar)

Synchronizing public or private Slack channels directly from Slack

This option available to users with "Admin" and "Organizer" privileges.

  1. Open Slack and hover over your desired Slack channel.

  2. Right click on the desired Slack channel

  3. Select “View channel details”. This should trigger a modal with the channel details for your desired Slack channel to open up.

  4. From the modal, click on the “Integrations” tab.

  5. From the “Apps” card, you should be able to see all Slack apps connected to this channel. If If Five to Nine is not listed, click on “Add apps” text link.

  6. Search for the Five to Nine app by typing “FivetoNine” or “Five to Nine” in the search bar within the apps tab until you see the Five to Nine Slack app appear in the list of apps underneath it (it will appear as "FivetoNine", see screenshot below on step 7).

  7. Click “Add” to add FivetoNine to your desired Slack channel

  8. 🎉 Congratulations! You should now receive a message to the desired channel confirming that the FivetoNine Slack app was added to the channel.

    If you are currently logged into Five to Nine, please refresh your browser. You should now be able to access your newly sycned channels to send communications and use for Slack synced groups!

Warning: Use caution when updating apps within your desired Slack channels–removing the Five to Nine Slack app from these channels will result in the channel no longer synchronizing to the Five to Nine platform. Once this happens, members of any Slack-synced groups will no longer remain up to date with your Slack channel.

Syncing public Slack channels from Five to Nine (Admins only)

This method of syncing Slack channels is only available to “Admin” level users. This method will only allow you to add public Slack channels.

  1. Ensure you are logged into Five to Nine. From the side navigation bar to the left, click on the gear icon to reach the “Settings” page. This is where you can manage organization level settings.

  2. From the “Settings” page, click into the “Integrations” tab.

  3. If your organizations Slack instance is connected to Five to Nine, click on the “Manage Slack→” text link within the Slack card.

  4. Once the “Slack” integration page is open, ensure your desired channel is not listed in the table of “Synced Slack Channels”. If your desired channel is not on this list, click the “Edit channels” button.

  5. Select the public Slack channels you wish to sync to Five to Nine by checking the box next to your desired Slack channel. Once all of your desired Slack channels have been selected, click on “Save changes”.

  6. 🥳 Congratulations! Your desired Slack channels are now synced to Five to Nine and are available for you to use for communications and Slack synced groups!

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