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Create a new group from scratch
Create a new group from scratch

Groups are a home page for your ERGs, communities, and interest groups.

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With Groups, you can manage membership and publish events sponsored by your group. There are two ways to create Groups on Five to Nine: you can create a group from scratch or sync a Slack channel to a Group.

Creating a new group from scratch

  1. Navigate to the Groups page, and click "New Group" button

  2. Select the option to "Create from scratch" and click "Continue"

  3. Fill out the details on the new group form and click "Create group"

    • Group Name: The group's title or name, serving as its identifier.

    • External link: Add a link to an external site for additional information on the group's home page.

    • Group description: Provide a brief or detailed overview of the group's purpose and goals.

    • Cover image: A visual representation displayed on the group's home page. It adds a personalized touch and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal.

    • Type: Specify the nature or category of your group, this helps members understand the focus and purpose of the group.

    • Visibility: Choose between private (visible to added members only) or organization (discoverable by anyone with a Five to Nine account).

    • Offices: Add offices to your group to indicate geographical locations or branches associated with the group.

    • Admins: Designate users to help manage the group, with the ability to edit details and manage members. If you'd like any organizer to have the ability to edit this group please select the checkbox under it.

  4. 🥳 Congratulations! You have successfully created a new group. You can now add group members and start publishing events to your group.

Adding Group members

  1. Go to the "Members" tab of your Group and click "Add new members"

  2. Select your group members and click "Add selected to Group"

  3. 🥳 Congratulations! You have succesfully added your group members!

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