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Managing Users & Permissions
Managing Users & Permissions

Invite your colleagues to join Five to Nine to create, manage, and browse events and groups.

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Adding Users to Five to Nine

To add users, you must have admin permissions.

Step 1: Go to Settings, and then the Users tab.

Step 2: Invite a user and enter the following info:

  • Name

  • Email

  • User role

Admin: Can manage all events and groups, and modify organization settings.

Organizers: Can create events and groups on the platform.

Users: Can browse events and groups on the platform.

See all permissions:

Your users are invited! They will receive an email to sign up for Five to Nine.

Your invited users will appear in the ‘Invited’ tab in Users. Once they accept their invite and create an account, they'll appear in the in the "Users" tab. You can modify a user's role after they've created an account.

Deactivating users

Step 1: To deactivate a user on the platform, select the minus (-) icon on a user.

Step 2: Confirm you’d like to deactivate the selected user. The deactivated user will no longer be able to sign into Five to Nine.

Your user was deactivated.

You can see deactivated users in the ‘Deactivated’ tab in Users.

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