Okta OIDC Configuration Instructions

Follow these steps to create your Five to Nine Okta OIDC configuration.

Written by Mujgan Ozceylan
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Step 1: In Applications, select ‘Create App Integration’.

Step 2: For OIDC, choose OIDC – OpenID Connect

Step 3: Choose Web Application as the type.

Step 4: Add a name (i.e. Five to Nine) and choose a logo image. Download the Five to Nine logo.

Step 5: Select all grant types: Authorization Code, Refresh Token, Implicit (Hybrid).

Step 6: Enter the Sign-in redirect URIs and Sign-out redirect URIs:

Step 7: (Optional) Assign the app to the right users

Step 8: Click ‘Save’

Step 9: Go to the General tab and click Edit under General Settings.

Step 10: Change “Login initiated by” to either Okta or App. Choose “Display application icon to users” for Application visibility. Enter the Initiate login URI: https://[yoursubdomain].fivetonine.community/auth/okta

Step 11: Click Save.

Note: It may be helpful to test the updated configuration on incognito mode or by clearing your cache.

Step 12: Update your Client ID and Okta Client Secret on Five to Nine by navigating to Settings > Integrations.

If you are forcing Okta login for users, send your Client ID and Okta Client Secret to your customer success manager for us to set it up.

Step 13: Click on the ‘Set up Okta’ button. You will see the following prompt:

7. You’ll need to fill out the shown variables (Okta Client ID, Okta Client Secret, Okta Issuer) which you can find in your added Okta application.

8. Click on the ‘Set Up Okta’ button and your Five To Nine platform will be integrated with your Okta application.

Users can now sign into Five to Nine via Okta.

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