Creating your event

Start creating impactful events in just a few easy steps.

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Creating your event is easy, and it only takes a few simple steps to get started!

  1. Event Title: Give your event a name. This will be shown on the invitation (and on the calendar if added).

  2. Event Type: Select your event type, if applicable.

  3. Organizers and Hosts: Add one or more organizers to manage the event alongside you. When you add another organizer, they’ll receive a link to edit the event and can see event analytics.

    a. Displayed Host: You can choose to display a host other than the organizer for your event. You can choose from Groups, Offices, or Organizers to show as the host in your event details. Displayed hosts will not have editing permissions

  4. Privacy: Set your event’s privacy to determine who can view and RSVP to your event:

    a. Private: only people that are invited can view the event page and RSVP to the event.

    b. Organization: only people that are invited OR are part of your organization can view the event page and RSVP to the event.

    c. Open to Public: anyone with the event page link can view and RSVP to the event.

  5. Date & Time: Schedule your event, and keep in mind the timezone reflects the current timezone you're in when creating the event.

  6. Location: Generate a Zoom or Google Meet meeting link for virtual or hybrid events, or add a physical location for in-person events.

  1. Event Description: Add the details of your event. You can also include hyperlinks if needed.

  2. Cover Image: Upload a photo from your desktop to your event - this will show on the event invite (email and Slack), and on the event landing page. (recommended dimensions: 700x470 px.)

  3. Resources: Add links to resources for your event - like pre-reading material or even a YouTube video.

  4. Group: Add one or more groups for easy filtering from the Events homepage and Analytics

  5. Office: Add one or more offices for easy filtering from the Events homepage and Analytics

Confirm your event details in the invitation preview, and make changes if necessary.

Select Next to add surveys, invite guests, and launch your event!

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